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Karissa Nicole is a senior at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster, where she is perusing a Bachelor of Fine Art degree. She was born in 1998 and currently is based in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. She enjoys painting in oils and drawing with graphite and occasionally charcoal. Digital painting has recently become an interest of hers as well. Her preferred subject matter is portraiture. In high school, Karissa received the Art, Drawing Excellence Award. She has made the Dean’s list and has received the PCA&D Presidential Merit Scholarship and PCA&D Institutional Scholar every semester of her attendance.

Artist Statement

 Human interaction is something everyone needs and can relate with. Representing that connection or contact is my focus. I do this by concentrating on the human form. Whether people feel as though they can relate to the subject of my work or simply appreciate the traits that are depicted is entirely up to the viewer. Either way, I am getting them to think about the person—what makes them who they are, physical characteristics or otherwise. I prefer a more realistic approach. The more detail I include, the more tangible the subject becomes. Not only can this help viewers feel a connection, but it, in a way, establishes a relationship between the subject and me.

I want to create work that I will be proud of, but I also consider the thoughts of the viewer. I would like others to enjoy looking at my work. I don’t focus on controversial topics. Making people question their lives or the way they live them is not a concern of mine. My paintings and drawings don’t need to bring about some life-changing revelation. Instead, a feeling of inspiration. A brief moment of peace. A response of recognition or relation to the subject.


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