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Talk to Strangers

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Calling all strangers! I would like to paint/draw you!

For my senior thesis, I am looking to receive (online) images of people I do not know to paint or draw. Through this, I am taking notice of peoples' individuality but also commonalities. The fact that the subjects are strangers sort of forces me to focus on physical features alone. Close-up images are preferred but full-body will also be accepted. Ideally, the pictures should not have filters, but if that is what people are most comfortable with sending, I'll make it work! The only other things I want are the subject's name and one random fact about them. If they are uncomfortable sharing that information, they can come up with something fake! I'm not going to question what I am given--I don't know them. This is an idea I'm really excited about.

Here is the first piece I've done for this project:


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