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New Inspiration

Lately, I have really enjoyed scrolling through different hashtags on Instagram. Searching #oilpainting, #photography, #contemporaryart, #digitalart, the list goes on...

It's fun for me to discover new artists this way, and there is such a variety. Work from people my age or younger, and work from seasoned artists. Social media can actually be such a blessing in this way. It introduces me to things I wouldn't come across in person.

Through the diversity of work I get to see in these simple searches, I find myself more inspired to create. And sometimes to create something completely new to me and my style.

Recently, I found an artist named Andrea Soos (@andreasoosart). Soos is an abstract artist. By scrolling through my website, you can see that abstract isn't exactly my cup of tea. I don't really mess around with abstraction much at all. But scrolling down Andrea Soos' page made me more curious to give it a shot. She uploads videos showing her process, which I love to watch. She considers color throughout the entire piece; she uses different brushes and strokes to create varying affects. They all come together to create a stunning assortment of color and movement. (The piece shown here is titled "Got Me Walking Backwards" and it is sold--like everything else on her website.)

I have decided I would give her methods a go in my own work this semester, so stay tuned for future posts! I will be sharing some of my upcoming pieces, describing my process, and talking about other artists I look at!

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